Hi, I'm Nicole. Wife, mama, and founder of TheGrowweCo.


I’m so glad you’re here and am truly thankful for your support of my small business.

The concept for TheGrowweCo. was born from three passions of mine: photography, motherhood, and lifestyle fashion.

The majority of my career-to-date has been as a professional photographer - capturing weddings, families, and maternity for nearly a decade. Creating intimate and timeless imagery for my clients, in life’s most beautiful moments, has been (and continues to be) such a fulfilling experience for me.

On Thanksgiving day of 2021 my life was forever changed - in the best way possible! My daughter, Remy, was born. Her entrance into the world opened my heart to a love I didn’t know existed. Watching her grow, fostering her curiosity, and helping her learn has provided me with a most worthwhile purpose in life. I’ve wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember. Being able to experience that role for the first time with my daughter has been such a joyous growing journey for me.

I do have other interests and hobbies outside of a photography career and motherhood! I’m a pervasive creative, and love continually exploring the enduring looks, unique designs, and shifting trends that shape our everyday lives. I am also a huge advocate for being outdoors and spending as much quality time with Mother Nature as possible.

The intersection of these things in my life, things that provide me with so much excitement and energy, inspired me to create TheGrowweCo. brand. It’s my hope that the brand, and our products, encapsulate a little bit about a lot of what I’ve valued throughout my mama journey. The goal is to provide high quality, thoughtfully sourced lifestyle wear for mamas and their little ones.

TheGrowweCo’s. products will be comfy enough for a play session at your local park, chic enough for an impromptu family photo session, and timeless enough to be passed down to future babies. We will always be trying to tie in wild pastels of nature with a clean and stylish look.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what we have to offer!